Why should we choose bamboo fiber tablewares?

Why should we choose bamboo fiber tablewares?

Tableware are common daily supplies for adults, but for children, they can be important things that nurtures children ‘s aesthetic in their childhood, they are also used in daily life by their parents .

Have you noticed? Normally, the service life of plastic/PLA/mylamine (bone porcelain) tableware is about three months, because it is easy to release toxins after three months ‘ use.  The tableware cost nearly 200 Yuan or more in two years.

Bamboo fiber tableware,  made from natural materials, is be used for years for. It is illustrated why it’s so important to choose a good set of children’s cutlery in this article:

Get to know bamboo fiber, please!, It is benefit for children, it is benefit for  environment, too.

Do you know that bamboo is the fastest growing herb on the earth? They grow faster more 1 third times than normal herbs.  Some species can grow up to 30 centimeters in height a day.

Containing antibacterial substance is the greatest advantage of bamboo fiber. Their natural and lasting antibacterial property can be decomposed naturally in environment without secondary polluting to the earth.

Common children’s tableware on the market, mostly made of  pp plastic, miamine (bone China),  are very dangerous for children. Why should choose bamboo fiber? What are the advantages of bamboo fiber compared to these common materials?

First, from the point of view of food safety, melamine (bone China) will be released when the temperature exceeds 30-40 degrees, which can do liver and kidney harm; Harmful plasticizers are also produced at 60 degrees from common PP, which can cause hormonal imbalance for young children and pregnant women. Significantly increased the possibility of sexual deformity.

Secondly ,The design of bamboo fires are more humane and safer.

Thirdly.   Easy to clean, and convenient to heating .

Different from ordinary bamboo cutlery made of plastics or chemicals, all-natural brand bamboo fiber cutlery, withstanding 100 degrees Celsius high temperature.

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