Super Light Quality Feather Racket

Super Light Quality Feather Racket

Grip Material:PVC
Length (cm):70cm
Weight (g):W4(≥90g)
Strings Feature:Durable Type
Racket Hardness:Slightly Hard
Strings Diameter:0.65mm
Recommended Pull Pounds:20-23 lbs (Low/Medium Pound Amateur Junior)
Racket Handle Thickness:S4(3.5Inch)
Shaft Material:Steel
Suitable Player:Amateur Intermediate
Play Classificaiton:Defensive Type (Light Tip & Soft Rod)

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Handle, strong toughness, more rapid power, improving the torsion resistance of badminton racket and prolonging its service life.

a.ferroalloy is strong and durable.

b.oval clap beat wind resistance frame, smooth strokes.

c.T type joint to improve the strength.

d.low wind resistance cone cover, improve swing speed.

e.comfortable handle, comfortable handle, not easy to slip.

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