Choppting Cutting Fruit Board Blocks

Choppting Cutting Fruit Board Blocks

The Advantages of Using Bamboo Fiber Products
Bamboo fiber Bowl is degradable, made through high temperature based on materials of bamboo powder, rice husk. Main characteristics are as following:

1. It is not easy to burn and wear;
2. Safe and non-toxic;
3. Delicate appearance;
4. Recyclable;
5. It can be national degradation after burying in soil and no harmful to the environment;
6. It can save non-renewable resources such as petroleum;
7. From nature and back to nature;

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Type: Chopping Blocks
Shape: Square / Round
Material: Bamboo, Bamboo Fiber + Corn Starch
Certification: FDA, SGS
Feature: Eco-Friendly, 100% Degradable
Color: Original Bamboo Color
Size: 31*16*3cm
Weight: 1200g
Package: Bulk or Customized
Logo: Customized
Work Temperature: -30℃~120℃

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