Global Sanitary Ware Industry is moving to China and India

Global Sanitary Ware Industry is moving to China and India

Modern sanitary ware manufacturing is originated in United States and Germany in the mid-19th century. After more than 100 years of development, Europe and United States have gradually become developed with advanced management and technology in the world. China sanitary ware industry has developed rapidly since the 21st century. China has attracting more and more consumers at home and abroad for developing yield with quality, design and technology.

With the development of the technologies in sanitary ware industry and globalization of industrial division, characteristics are embodying.

A set of sanitary ware products not only are harmonious with each other on functions, which makes consumers feel more comfortable and enjoy more conveniences, but also are integrated in style and design which makes consumers choose main sets products according to their own preference and habitation to meet the requirement of personal life and personality development.

Nowadays, there are more and more modern products presenting in global markets, people pay more attentions on “value-added” when they choose commodities, not only focus on functions of them, especially enjoy arts and beauty of sanitary ware products. So improving an integrated sets of sanitary ware, precisely based on which can meet the requirements not only for “use”, but also for enjoy all kinds of “beauty” more, will be the trend for sanitary ware industry in the future.

Various cultural elements are integrated into products deeply with deepening of globalization, consumers are getting more and more demanding for shape and texture of sanitary ware products. Modern, fashionable and creative sanitary ware products are popular in the market.

In order to expand market , sanitary ware manufactures have increased investments on products designing , and cooperated with well-known designers to launch creative products constantly to guide sanitary ware  enterprises to focus on products design.

Technology of manufacturing and process controlling in sanitary ware industry has become increasingly mature and perfect after hundreds of years of developing. There are great progress on quality, efficiency and process design for appearance, and so on.

The world’s leading sanitary ware companies have increased  investment in technology and process improvement in late years, such as preparation of mud glaze protoplasm with new materials and various kinds of novel glaze colors and shapes which are springing up constantly; Equipping with high efficiency and new machine and automatic line to improve efficiency, there are increasingly input on research and development to produce sanitary ware with modern technology such as electronic, digital and automation, feature more powerful and efficient in function and improve comfortable capability and convenience in experience at the same time.

Having been increasingly aware that social economic developing was affected and restricted seriously by energy shortage and environmental pollution in recent years, governments in the world have been widely adopted and accepted concepts of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, optimizing resource allocation and realizing sustainable development of economic.

With the improvement of living, consumers pay more attention to healthy and comfort, and emphasize environmental protection. In addition to quality and function, public have kept their eyes more on green products with energy conservation. Therefore, as a supplier of sanitary ware products, it is an inevitable choice for him to improve his mode of production and products by using new materials and technology in order to keep up with the developing.

United States and some countries in Europe had been important manufacturing base of global sanitary ware. Because of increasing costs of labor, industrial policy, market environment and some others, International well-known sanitary ware enterprises concentrate their strength on designing, market exploiting and brand marketing, and efforts to reinforce their strengthen on core technology research, development and control for high-quality products.

Because of the low cost of labor, they shifted their sanitary ware manufacturing to Asian countries with complete supporting infrastructure and increasing demand growth, such as China and India, and made these countries develop into global professional bases of sanitary ware manufacturing gradually .

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