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Global Sanitary Ware Industry is moving to China and India

Modern sanitary ware manufacturing is originated in United States and Germany in the mid-19th century. After more than 100 years of development, Europe and United States have gradually become developed with advanced management and technology in the world. China sanitary ware industry has developed rapidly since the 21st century. China has attracting more and more consumers at home and abroad for developing yield with quality, design and technology. With the development of the technologies in sanitary ware industry and globalization of industrial division, characteristics are embodying. A set of sanitary ware products not only are harmonious with each [...]


The Impact of US Tariff Measures on Chinese LED Industry

Beijing time late June 15, 2018, the U.S. government released a list of items that imposing a 25% tariff on about $50 billion of commodities imported from China , in which there are about $34 billion in goods will be imposed since July 6, 2018. At the same time for about $16 billion in goods tariffs began solicit in public. Immediately after 1 hour, China announced it would impose retaliatory a 25% tariff on 659 items about $50 billion [...]